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Let yourself be enchanted and dive in to the world of Haute Cuisine.


Have a look at our current culinary creations.

In the Mesnerhaus, being rooted at home is combined with regional ingredients with creativity and an imaginative flavour. Choose from our different menus and let yourself be spoiled. Also, vegetarians and our younger guests have their proper place – we are always open for special requests and wishes.


This delicious composition will make your heart skip a beat. Scoop new vitality and recharge your energy!



Buttermilk | Aframomum melegueta (ginger family) | Dill

EUR 23,00

Salmon trout from the “Lungau” area

Carrot | Flaxseed | Elderflower

EUR 26,00

Alpine pasture pork & Carp

Lovage | seasonal cabbage | lemon pickled in salt

EUR 39,00

Cocoa 60% & 70% (Madagascar)

Raspberry | Spelt | Cocoa bean

EUR 16,00

Lebensfreude in 4 courses EUR 88,00
Wine accompaniment in 4 courses EUR 45,00
Juice accompaniment in 4 courses EUR 24,00

Grand seduction

Indulge yourself with a culinary timeout and let yourself be taken into the world of pleasure.


Salmon trout from the “Lungau” area

Carrot | Flaxseed | Elderflower

EUR 26,00

Parsnips – Chervil tuber

Chervil | Rye of the Tauern area Koji (mushroom) | Apple

EUR 23,00

Specialities of the forest

Venison | Purple salsify | Mushroom| Lichen | Junipers

EUR 28,00

Special type of potatoe from the „Lungau“ area

sour cream - egg yolk - caviar from Walter Grüll

EUR 26,00

(Neck) Sweetbread

Kohlrabi | Hazelnut

EUR 26,00

Black Angus Cattle

Beans | Bamberg Potato | kernel oil | onion

EUR 46,00

Cow Blue Mould

Tops of spruces | walnut

EUR 15,00

Organic-Yoghurt made out of the A2-Milk

Black pepper | Honey | green rhubarb

EUR 16,00

Grand seduction in 6 courses EUR 125,00 / 8 c. EUR 155,00 / 10 c. EUR 180,00
Wine accompaniment in 6 courses EUR 69,00 / 8 c. EUR 88,00 / 10 c. EUR 109,00
Juice accompaniment in 6 courses EUR 39,00 / 8 c. EUR 49,00 / 10 c. EUR 64,00

Ein Traum
wird wahr!

In unseren sechs brandneuen Genießer-Zimmern und einer exklusiven Junior Suite laden wir in Zukunft zum Träumen ein. Planen Sie jetzt Ihre Genuss-Auszeit für 2021 und lassen Sie sich von uns beraten.