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Maria and

Experience a completely new and different approach to haute cuisine and let yourself be spoiled in the warm atmosphere of the Mesnerhaus.

The Mesnerhaus

The 3-toque restaurant located amid a beautiful mountain scenery, with roots dating back to the year 1420, is a listed building and established itself as a unique gourmet restaurant.

Let us take you
back in time

15th to 16th century

During the time of prosperity of the mining industry, the doctor, humanist, and alchemist “Theoprastus Bombastus Paracelsus” stayed in the Menserhaus for a couple of weeks, which was built by miners.

17th to 18th century

The open fireplaces were replaced chimneys and the upper floor, including the wooden ceiling, were renovated. Luckily, the Mesnerhaus was left untouched during a major fire in the village of Mauterndorf.

19th century

During the 19th century, the building served as a schoolhouse, a retirement home and a sacristan house. The log cabin on the upper floor and the gable roof were plastered.

20th century

The sacristan Schoklitsch and the architect Volkmar Burgstaller renovated the building and turned into a restaurant. Under the lead of Fuiko Franz, Chef of the Year 1995, the Mesnerhaus, threatened by decay, became an exquisite restaurant. Maria Steffner completed her apprenticeship under the supervision of her predecessor Gerhard Gugg.

2007 till today

In 2007, Maria and Josef Steffner settled in the Mesnerhaus after visiting Europe’s best cuisines. Since then, Maria and Josef Steffner have passionately run the Mesnerhaus. They are proud and hold it in high regard to have the possibility to pair their culinary art and modern ambiance with such historic walls. They both live their shared dreams with full passion and enchant their guests with their regional and imaginative culinary creations.
Today, you can experience a new way of 3-toque cuisine in the Mesnerhaus.

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From 8 May, we are open again.

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